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It's the one that I wanna buy as soon as I get home! I don't get to sleep well without any light. so sometimes I go to sleep with the light on. probably I have noctophobia, the fear of the dark. this behavior more often have happened here in Africa since a kind of big lizard was found on my mosquito net tent!!! I totally freaked out on that night. My friend, called Johan who is living a volunteer life with me, warned me to turn off the light before going to bed. he said that we should save the energy. yes.. who doesn't know that? he will come to my room and wake me up unless I don't keep his word. actually I failed to get to sleep 2 days ago with the extreme fear of lizards and crickets and finally went to hysterics... Fortunately this rabbit couldn't move, unlike any other live insects and animals. besides it has the light!!!!!!!!! I not only want this lamp and the decent place to sleep, but need them.