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Here's who I think the boys would play if they were cast in a drama:

Rap Mon

Boys Over Flowers - Jun Pyo
He's a little bit of a know-it-all and can seem a little cold, but inside he's a total gummy bear!


You're Beautiful - Jeremy
J-Hope is a total goofball and would be the comic relief in the drama. He was born to play Jeremy hahaha


Dream High - Jin-Gook
Awesome dancer, perfect boyfriend, total dork...yep that sounds like Jimin to me!


Reply 1997 - Yunjae
Sassy saaaassy Suga. He's totally the Yunjae type - trying to be cool and not caring but actually being the sweetest sweetheart ever.


My Love From Another Star - Do Min Joon
Our little alien. He's dorky and confused and picky and funny and just an generally odd guy. Sounds like Do Min Joon to me lol.


Playful Kiss - Seungjo
The pretty perfect genius boy who tries to act all not-interested until a girl stops liking him and starts liking another guy. Not gonna happen. Jin will stop this madness!


Coffee Prince - Han Kyul
Pretty boy who suddenly starts to love hard work. He's still a typical boy though, who loves his toys! Jungkook is all work, all play!

Did I cast them right?! Who would you cast all of them as?

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I would cast..... Rapmon as Prince Lee Gak (rooftop prince) jungkook as Daewoong (my girlfriend's a gumiho) suga as joowon (secret garden) or kangjoo (bride of the century) jhope as Han tae hee (birth of a beauty) jin as Sara (birth of a beauty yes I know it's a girls role but I have my reasons lol) v as seungjo (cheongdamdong alice) jimin as Kim takgu (love bread and dreams)
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Such a perfect casting
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my k drama bais is kim soo hyun who was the lead for my love from another star and my kpop bais is V so yes you did PERFECT
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This is so accurate! 馃槃
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