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There have been so many scandals recently involving idols dating, there relationships and so on. So many pages just post about which idol is dating who lately and I really wish I could tell every single one of them, STAY OUT OF IT! How would you feel if someone was picking through your private life? Idols go through enough as it is, could you please just leave them alone?
I know that fan's can be curious, I'm guilty of that at times. In reality, we can live without it. Real fans want nothing more than for them to live happily and well. No matter how much we fantasize, it doesn't change a thing about that. The press makes it so much harder for them by picking through there every actions, trying to make something newsworthy out of there lives. Imagining how they must feel just makes me want to cry. Idols are people too! All people need private lives. I know this won't make a huge difference, I just need to get it out. Entertainment Outlets, please stay to just informing us about our Idols activities, comebacks, events and so forth. Please leave their personal lives to themselves! {The song above was the song that I was listening to while I wrote this}
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that song makes me cry. EVERY TIME!