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"Sabrina why are your expectations for boys so high? " umm... because of Ravi....
*booty* Ravi has a butt and it's honestly good and he's tall!! ♥♥
I wish they didn't cover up his tattoos though he's still handsome no matter what ♥
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@OliviaEdwards I agree 100% The only tattoo I know is his YOLO One on his chest but I don't know what the others say
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I can't take this!!! My Heart...Can't...take...thi...*Dead* 😲
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He also has a tattoo on the back of his arm that says Forever Young. Yolo like @Miss148 said. Those are the only two I know unless he got another that we haven't see yet.
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@chahakyum NOPE BYE
2 years ago·Reply
@hotarunara13 ha.. haha.. hahaha.. haHAHA... HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA NOPE
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