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the only two anime characters I've been same to connect to thanks you two for teaching me so much :P.
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Naruto, Garra and Haku, my three favorite characters from the anime, the three I connect with the most, the three most tragic characters in my opinion
Gaara is one of the best in the series
no one understood loneliness like these guys did.
I absolute love those 2
I've had a girl Tht stopped talking to me just because I watch anime and me being emotional I was actually willing to stop doing it cause I felt bad but the pple I consider family managed to tlk me out of it and through out the yrs when I would tlk about how bad I feel for anime characters pple would tell me I get upset over stupid shit and laugh about it but now it really doesn't bother me at all cause I understand the fact Tht the main reason I watch Naruto and other animes is cause I can relate to it