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And just like that, winter comes to an end. I'm quite ready for the warm weather. Although the more and more it creeps up, the more and more I am aggravated with feel hot and sweaty. My first year in college is too coming to a close with the end of winter- and I can say I have enjoyed every minute. Now for lots of job applications and relaxing just a little bit. Hoping to use this summer to just enjoy Manhattan. Although it can become quite blistering hot. It was a pretty brutal winter here in NY, so as pretty as this photo is (which was taken on the morning after our last major snow storm this winter), winter aggravated New Yorkers a bit too hard this year. Maybe the weather can be a bit kinder? Or maybe I just talk about the weather too much. Schoolwork is sucking the life out of me. Only a few weeks left! Hope everyone is enjoying spring :) What are you summer plans??
@LauraMatthews Thank you so much! I enjoy photographing NY :) I've never lived anywhere else in the world but I hope to one day... I'm so glad you enjoy the photos!!
LOVE IT! I mentioned on your other N.Y. photo, that I was born and raised in N.Y. ...(as well as many other places around the world, actually, but N.Y. is my favorite!) ... I rem. making snowmen as a child, and all those snowball fights! LOL ..... thank you for posting so many lovely photos of N.Y.!
@SabeenM Yesterday was beautiful! It was actually almost 70 with blue skies and sun. Today has dropped back down to the 50s with a thunderstorm approaching. (-_-) Hahaha! I think we've had enough rain for the moment. I can't wait until spring actually "happens." Good luck with your schoolwork and studies! Hopefully, you can get some R&R soon.
It's getting a little better here in NY. My friends in Illinois have been complaining so much about the cold again! Hang in there! Warm weather will come soon!
The weather in Illinois has been insane. Last year, we had a state wide drought and a mild winter. This year has seen quite a bit of snow and cold, cold weather. Then we had all the rain and flooding the past couple of days. Now, it's really cold again. I'm beginning to doubt it's spring.
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