thanks to @kellyoconnor for tagging me to do this challenge I decided to do all the questions at once but 1 a day is perfectly fine
1) DISAPPOINT JIN, OR BREAK J-HOPES HEART? I could never break J-hope's heartu 2) TOUCH JIMIN'S ABS OR RE-DYE V'S HAIR? Touch his abs? Im trying to permanently tattoo them in my brain 3) FIGHT JUNGKOOK OR SUGA? I hear Kookie's crumble so I could never fight something so cute 4) TELL JIMIN HE'S BEAUTIFUL OR TELL JIN HE'S NOT BORING? Jin is far from boring, especially when he eats 5) FIGHT J-HOPE OR V? Ugh J-hope is sweet but his strong dancer thighs could choke a girl (probably not in the good way) so I pick V 6) DANCE OFF WITH KOOKIE OR RAP MON? Namjoon and I could be bad dancers together 7) KISS HOBI OR GIVE JUNGKOOK HIS 1ST HICKEY? I kinda want to give Kookie a hickey (im going to hell) 8) PUNCH JIN OR SUGA? Suga, he could take a hit or 2 9) TAKE AWAY SUGA'S SWAG OR RAP MON'S JAMS? Rap Mon's jams 10) SHAVE RAP MON'S HEAD OR BREAK J-HOPE'S CHEEKBONES? Off with his hair 11) PARTY WITH RAP MON OR PERFORM WITH JIMIN? I want to party (could lead to other things haha) 12) HAVE JIN OR KOOkIE FIND MY BLOG? If I had one I'd rather have Jin find it.. he's been an adult the longest 13) JIKOOK OR NAMJIN FOR PARENTS? NamJin, at least I'll get fed (lol priorities) 14) ASK JIMIN OR JIN ANYTHING? Jimin, there's some things I wouldn't find knowing 15) CUDDLE WITH SUGA OR GO TO A CARNIVAL WITH V? I need some Suga Sweg Cuddles 16) TAKE RAP MON TO KANYE WEST OR KOOKIE TO 1D Don't like either,but 1D fans piss me off so Kanye 17) MARRY J-HOPE OR JUNGKOOK? J-hope already has a finace @staceyholley so I'll marry Kookie 18) JIN OR JIMIN AS A PERSONAL MOTIVATOR? Jin cause he eats what he wants and works out even harder 19) DANCE WITH J-HOPE OR V AT 5AM? I pick V, that lil 4D could keep me up all night
@staceyholley I wouldn't do that to you.. again Lol
LOL thank you for bit stealing the love of my life again 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I was mentally answering these as I read and we have a lot of the same answers 馃榿
I love these answers
everyone is always tagging me in this challenge if I find time I'll do but I just answer the scenarios on the other cards that are doing it day by day. thanks for the tag. I promise I will do it.
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