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By Daniele Manoli A very personal portrait of Hong Kong shot between 2011 - 2013 featuring the words of my father.
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Hmmm...I think his father is either speaking in French? I could be completely wrong. @MoonMinYeon MoonMi, is he speaking French?
5 years ago·Reply
@YinofYangI think it's Italian....
5 years ago·Reply
@MoonMinYeon You know what? I actually typed Italian first. Hahaha! Okay. The way he said persevere made me originally think Italian. Thanks, MoonMi!
5 years ago·Reply
@Yin you should have sticked to your first choice! you're welcome :) I don't know Italian so I might be wrong but it really sounds italian to me! let's I'm 90% sure :)
5 years ago·Reply
@MoonMinYeon Heehee, you're right. Thanks for your input, MoonMi!
5 years ago·Reply