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Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
It wasn’t often that Jimin wanted your attention, but on the few occasions that he did, he expected all of it. Unlike you, who had to share his attention with dozens of other people all the time. Realizing how pathetic you were and how unfair Jimin was made you angry. And understandably so. It felt good to see how shocked he was that you weren’t submissively agreeing to everything he was saying and spouting out apologies and ‘I’ll never do that again, oppa’. “Stop mentioning Jungkook!” You snapped,” And what did you mean by ‘more’ time with Eunsae? Is that why you’ve been ignoring me for the past few days? Why your fancafe posts are lovey dovey poems that I know for sure aren’t directed at me? Park Jimin, I may be young, but I know when someone’s trying to ignore me. Just like I’ve been ignoring Jungkook for you! I know him and I being so close in age make you uncomfortable, and I respect that. I’ve already said all this before. This entire time, I’ve been talking about you and Eunsae! Do you see me fawning over Jungkook? No. Ever see me tucked away in a corner trying to hold his hand? No. Do I step away from him with a stupid grin on my face? No, never! But if we rewind to a few days ago, we’ll see you doing all that with Eunsae. You could barely stand straight in front of her!”
His hand slapped yours away, as he took a threatening step forward. Your grandmother had always warned you never to provoke a man, but you always assumed that it was just because of the time she grew up in. He may love you to the moon and back, but provocation makes even the most docile man snap at some point, was what she had said. Jimin never seemed like the type to retaliate, but the way he forced his way forward had you stumbling back in reflexive instinct as he pointed his finger in your face,”At least she makes me feel something!” Your mouth instantly dried up, and you stupidly gaped at him. Leaning heavily against the railing and so very confused, you could only softly whisper,”What?” Jimin continued to glare,”Five months with you and I’ve never felt as alive as 20 minutes with her-” The elevator dinged as the doors slide open. You glanced at him, seeing that he made no move to get off. The initial anger was gone, and he could only stare guiltily at you, tears welling up in his eyes at your lost expression.
“So you do like her.” You finalized. He bit his lip harshly, ”Y/N, that.. I didn’t mean that. I don’t think…I don’t think now’s a good time to talk about this. I’ll text you later.” He reached into his back pocket, pulling out your cell phone. The dumb thing chimed with several missed calls and texts. Too numb to reach for the phone, you could only blankly stare at his hand offering it out, tears brimming in your own eyes. Five months of dating you, and it took him 20 minutes with Eunsae to feel ‘alive’? Girls were supposed to be sad about these kinds of things, right? So why did you feel undeniably angry? Sniffling, you looked at him once more, “Jungkook was right about you.” He frowned,”Wha-” You snatched the phone,”Jeon Jungkook was right about you, a-and I feel utterly stupid for not listening to him. Five months and nothing? You don’t feel anything? I-” His guilt morphed into accusation before vanishing completely as his gaze drifted off somewhere over your shoulder. A nervous grin spread across his lips, then he was shoving you behind him.
“Eunsae! H-how are you?” He cast you a quick glance,”Y/N, change your face.” He warned, stepping forward to envelop her into a hug. Eunsae returned the gesture, leaning to the side to get a look at you, Jimin was blocking her in a second, “Ah, Y/N’s having a bad day, please excuse her.” Eunsae frowned, “I hope it turns out better, Y/N-ssi.” She murmured. You nodded behind your hands, hoping she wouldn’t mention your red, puffy eyes. Jimin smiled at her, he was obviously fawning over her concern for you. A movement somewhere off the elevator had you turning away, hoping no one else would see your face. “Y/N!” The three of you snapped your attention to the left. Jungkook shoved his way into the small lift, a desperate but relieved look in his eyes. “I thought..I thought you had left with him,” he breathed, looking at his hyung briefly, ”I called you but…” Jimin tried to subtly give his younger brother a hint to back off by holding his arm out in front of you, and it seemed to work. Jungkook’s bold demeanor faltered as his feet paused in their stride. He stood there, defeated, staring between you and Jimin sadly. That is until he locked eyes with Eunsae to Jimin’s left. Once he saw her, he pushed Jimin’s arm away and advanced to you. Jimin didn’t try to stop him. Eunsae furrowed her brows at the odd scene, but felt out of place to comment. Burying your face deeper into your hands, you turned away from the maknae, but soon enough he was there, gently grasping your wrists, whispering softly to you. “Y/N, you trust me right? You don’t have to hide from me..” As your hands slowly lowered, Jimin cleared his throat as a last attempt at a warning. Jungkook sent him a glare, before focusing back on you when his hands, that hand been slowing lowering yours, resisted him. He relaxed, not forcing you to lower your arms, “Y/N, Jimin is not the boss of you,” he whispered by your ear softly.
Jimin stiffened, quickly placing a hand on Eunsae’s shoulder, and gently pushing her in the direction of the control panel,”Eunsae, you need the elevator, right? Let us get out of your way.” He gripped you and Jungkook, leading you both out of the elevator and waving goodbye to her. Once the doors shut, his arm wrapped around your shoulders and pulled your hands out of his younger brother’s grip,”Y/N, we need to go talk, say goodbye to Jungkookie please.” Jungkook shook his head furiously. He knew first hand, that you may be adamant about something, but once you and Jimin talked alone, you’d end up blindly following whatever he said,”Y/N, you saw… Don’t tell me you’re just going to ignore this..?” Jungkook pulled at is hair in frustration,”She’s even at the dorms! What reason does she have to be here? Honestly.” As much as you wanted to do something about what was happening, ignoring it was so much easier. Jimin had finally admitted that he like Eunsae, but he didn’t dump you on the spot. That meant he still wanted to be with you, right? As if Jungkook could read your thoughts, he scowled. “If you go with him, Y/N, you’re going to regret it.” At your lack of response he bit out,”Go ahead! Go to your perfect oppa, who does nothing wrong, and then in a few weeks don’t be surprised when he hurts you.” Jungkook angrily looked between the two of you,”And don’t expect anything from me.” He stomped off, boots thudding heavily against the ground. Jimin sighed,”I’ll talk to him later.” He kissed your temple,”He’s just jealous.” He led you towards the exit,”We’ll be happy, he’ll see.” You frowned,”What did he mean ‘will be’? Wasn’t he already happy?”
I would have dumped Jimin's ass on the spot in front of everyone lol. Great story tho!!! keep tagging me please
Anyone else wants to punch her so hard your own han breaks?
@reyestiny93 omg yes!!!! How dare he control me. Why didnt i just listen to Jungkookie lol.
i hope she doesnt let jimin take all control just yet, she spoke whats in her mind hopefully she stands for it as well ughhh why jimin whyyy lol. plz tag me on the next chap, thxx!
Ugh, Y/N is so naive but I guess love just makes you blind, right? But I don't totally blame her, I mean, she must really like him to even consider staying with him. But I have a very short temper so guys beware if you couldn't already tell I was crazy...😄
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