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Personally, I'm still a Tao fan and I will forever support him because I admire him a lot! Once in a while I search up Z.Tao to see how he's doing and what he's up to. Which, now I'm stuck or got sucked into watching Chinese variety show "Charming Daddy" & I just wanted to share this moment with you guys.

Please view the video below. If you don't or can't see the whole video just skip to 8:20.

So basically he (as well as other 3) is assigned a kid to be his son or daughter (in this case his daughter) BUT he can't use his money. All his money is taken away and he has to work for it to feed and maintain his daughter. Will Z.Tao and the other members be able to survive and support their children? ~ ~ ~ ~ Honestly, I broke down in this episode seeing him cry because he was struggling. I know it's life but it sucks. Makes me think about having a child..."Am I going to be able to give the best to my child?" Things like that...
Z.Tao was my first bias in EXO, and now he's one of my favorite solo artists. thank you for recommending this show I haven't seen it but looking forward to it
I like Tao
at the start when he said "you like pink? yes? good, I like pink too" and I was like ain't that the truth😂 @AnnahiZaragoza
Haha no need to say sorry girl! I know whatcha mean 😁 @aishaaakp I was actually pretty scared to see how he would take care of a kid because he's a kid himself (inside) lol But then I saw they paired him with a girl and I was ok ok this might work out.
He is precious!!! I haven't seen this show but I love that he is doing it. His solo music is really good!
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