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Looking to invest your money somewhere safe? Well, you might want to head to your local toy store. According to a recent report in the UK's Telegraph, financial analysts are beginning to suggest that - when it comes to turning a profit - Legos are the new gold.
Within the past 15 years, the FTSE 100 - an index of 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange - has increased in value by roughly 4.1%. And while gold investments have seen an increase 9.6% annually, LEGO sets kept in pristine condition have surpassed them with a 12% increase on average.

Bottom line? Legos are an investment that packs one serious return.

So what kind of LEGO sets should you be investing in? According to avid collector Ed Maciorowski (seen right, with lots of Legos), the money is in franchise picks - movies, TV shows, and even more specific product lines within the LEGO brand:
"The neat thing is that all sets are retired at some point, and several hundred are retired each year a movie run ends, a licence expires or the Lego company wants to refresh its range. That means anyone with a set at home – large or small, it doesn't matter – could have quite an investment on their hands if it's in good condition, as this stuff appreciates very well in value."
The most coveted LEGO set, for example, is the 2007 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon - which originally retailed for $500 and currently goes for over a cool $4,000.
However, financial analyst Laith Khalaf warns that 'trendy' investments come with much more risk than more traditional options:
"The returns from Lego look pretty awesome, but investors need to beware that the value of collectibles can be vulnerable to fads. There’s absolutely no harm in buying some pieces as a hobby, and you may well make some money, but as a main building clock for your retirement, I would suggest sticking to more traditional shares and bonds."

So what do YOU think? Would you take the risk of investing in LEGO sets, or would you stick more traditional options like gold?

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I was going to say that too @atmi that maybe legos are a good investment now does not mean they will be in like a week or two... you never know!
2 years ago·Reply
I have some sets that are over 20 yrs.old and worth quite a bit of money....including an original big Batmobile still including package.
2 years ago·Reply
Oh what is the set?! @JaxomB I bet they are classics!
2 years ago·Reply
@Nicolejb I have the foot and a half Yoda, 2 of the big pirate ships, lots of the small pirate sets, a couple of castles, and a bunch of others.
2 years ago·Reply
That sounds like a sick collection you have @JaxomB I bet my brother has a bunch too that he never uses from his childhood that he could sell for big $$. are you keeping them or looking to sell to collectors?
2 years ago·Reply