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okay guys i need to vent out a little stress i got right now( and excuse the choice of words i have) so i went to work today like any other sunday. i start at 11am(and just so you know im a COOK at a family owned take out sushi place) and it was hello busy in the morning. but that's not what is stressing me. so my friend (she works night shift)needed today off(by the way she is a CASHIER not a COOK). and awhile ago my boss had me cashier one night because we were short handed. and ever since i got more and more confident with taking customer orders/ taking phone orders, etc.. so of course i told my friend that if no other CASHIER could cover i would do it as long as our boss said okay. long story short it was me and this other guy (who is trained to be a COOK as well) was both cashiers ( but i also had to cook). and all night it was slow and everything was good until the last fricking customer!!!! she orders and than as soon as she pays she wants to return one of the food things she just went order, for something else!!!! now it may not seem big, but to me i never did a return yet so i literally was sweating balls. and then when everything was done with her, i showed it to one of my sunbaes and she started stressing me out by making a big deal out of something i couldn't even fricking understand!!! she started b*tching and complaining (in korean) and she trying to explain herself but i couldn't really understand her!!! and then when it was time to clock out at the end of the night i think i f**ked up by putting the grand total sales money into the cash bag instead of putting only the cash spent (or whatever i really was supposed to do)!!!!
and now tomorrow morning i get to go to work and see my boss.... HURRAY FOR ME(i said sarcastically)
and if my boss even tries to come at me with an attitude about it, best believe i aint gonna just sit their and take it!! HELL NO... ima say a few words myself like: IM A COOK NOT CASHIER I DNT LIKE DEALING WITH THE MONEY AND SH*T BUT BECAUSE YOU THE BOSS IS TO STINGY TO HIRE MORE WORKERS I WAS DOING MY HOME GIRL A SOLID BY COVERING FOR HER. YOU CAN'T GET MAD AT ME CAUSE I DNT GET PROPER TRAINING AND IT WAS A F**KING HONEST MISTAKE!!!!....then ima camly walk to the kitchen and start my shift and ima be like.....
so wish me luck Vingle family, and hopefully i still have a job im just kidding i probably wont say ALL those things but i definitely wont let him push me over about it, i'll up date tomorrow when i get home
@KatieRussell and @Helixx thank you for the encouragement
Deep breath. Everything is going to be alright. Those gifs were perfect, by the way.
good luck and don't worry to much about it there are allot of jobs out there .