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Main Cast: Hwang Junh-Eum- Hye-Jin Park Seo Joon - Sung Joon Choi Siwon- Kim Shin Hyuk Koh Joon-Hee- Hari The story line is HyeJin and Sungjoon were best friends when they were buddies. Sungjoon was bullied because he was fat but the pretty and so popular HyeJin accepted who he is and treated him as a friend. Then Sungjoon moved to the states and they lost contact. A decade past and the beautiful HyeJin became "ugly", well not the pretty society wanted her to be or accepted. I won't spoil anymore of the story, so go ahead and watch it. You'll never regret it because it's filled with laughter, sadness, and lots of happiness. Basically it's a perfect drama. Let me know on what you think of the drama. Comment below :)
It's so great. I strongly recommend this drama @ChaErica
@alohadaine I need to watch it then!!
I haven't seen it yet. Is it good?
Yes you need to watch. @ChaErica