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*If I mess some words up I am sorry I am in tears* So a reason I already hate 2016 is bc T.O.P will be going to war...My first ever bias is going to war (aleast from what i heard) Its hard to believe that some fans are crying becuase Zayn left 1D but us Kpoppers have to deal with our biases going to war and we dont know if they well come back or not. Its hard to think that we might lose T.O.P the paint freak (as I call him but I still love with all my heart ❤) But when that day comes and he is in his uniform waving goodbye to BigBang with tears falling from everyones eyes. I try to think that he will come back but sometimes I think he wont..
I am sorry that was so long. I cant stop the tears and I just had to get off of my chest to people I trust ❤ We are praying for you T.O.P be safe and keep fighting. (Yes i know its for family) We love you T.O.P! Sorry if this made you cry or you heart break I love u *virtual hug*
y'all he isnt going into war its mandatory army training they all have to do it X) ALL OF THEM
they don't actually go to war it is just training for 2 years
Finally! I thought no one else thought about the downside of this military thing! I'm honestly scared of what may happen but I'm still supporting him! Hope he comes back alive and healthy!! 😘 FIGHTING!!! ...... FOR REAL!!! 👊🏻😂😘😘😘
It's just training all South Koreans go through this for two years but I bet he will just be in real good shape
sadly they all will go into the army at some point its mandatory every amazing idiol that we love from Korea will go to the army every single one
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