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A live broadcast is now showing on V.
@PrettieeEmm .. yeah that video on GOT 2 DAY they explained everything of the bugs... and both of them moved to Yugyeoms room after 2 weeks Jackson told Mark. .let's go back..Jackson went back but Mark didnt cuz the room has no AC.. and us hit in there.. so that's it but their relationship is the same.. although Jackson is kind if sad cuz he is sleeping alone Mark is not there..nhaha. iam sure thing will get back to normal.. Mark will miss Jackson as well soon @Sammie99522
@Sammie99522 @PrettieeEmm Markson is fine..I watch a video of just Jackson and Mark explaining the reason why they left the room.. Jackson came back but Mark didnt. but Markson is still Markson. .lol... yeeeiih. .
Well Mark was steady watching Jackson the whole time he'd look away for a minute, but his eyes always went right back to Jackson Same with Jackson but he made it less obvious.
@luna1171 I think he already does like I said Mark was hard core staring at Jackson the whole time during this 😊. I still see a lot of markson moments in their videos, but it seems like they trying to be lowkey about it now like you have to really watch them closely but it's still there. @PrettieeEmm most of it happens in the V app.
* is hot in there...correction.
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