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When you think of femininity, hair is probably the last thing to come to your mind. But who's to say a little extra hair takes away from a woman's woman? I'll wait. & Other Stories is all for women empowerment and promoting positive beauty standards in a world where the standard for beauty is rather bias. In order to promote both beauty and body positivity, the Swedish retailer has launched yet another campaign that all women should be able to relate to in one way or another title, 'For Women, By Women'. This campaign portrays women in a light, a real light that's not sugar coated. These models are neither hair or scar free. The only thing they're free from would be the harsh societal beauty standards that tell a woman what she should and shouldn't look like.
The images [seen below] portray the models wearing the brands new lingerie line minus any retouching. Which means everything from from tattoos to birthmarks and body hair is shown to remind women that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. & Other Stories goal was to 'portray a more diverse view on the traditional notion of beauty' and that's exactly what they did with this amazing, uplifting campaign celebrating women. A spokesperson for the retailer shared: 'When it comes to featuring lingerie, they recognize the importance of approaching these stories with another perspective. By showing that the ideal female body is one-of-a-kind and embrace [sic] beauty such as scars, tattoos and birth marks rather than altering them, & Other Stories' imagery reflects a more diverse notion.' To see just how amazing this campaign truly is, keep scrolling and to check out the gorgeous lingerie line [click here].
Confucius said it best:
'Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.'

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Well that's nice!!! And yes, clean hygiene is always a must. There will be other great women that come along though. no worries. @MichaelLopez
Or ty @jordanhamilton sure that's true, am a romantic, lol. Just gose to show appreciate the queen always, my mom & granny always drill that fact into us boys earlier on. Lol, chow!
Well shoutout to the moms and granny for doing that! More guys need to learn that :) @MichaelLopez
natural saves time...What can I say? That's why I like long dresses with some sort of sleeve:)
I bet you it is definitely time savvy being natural. I don't blame you at all @EasterShell