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Believe it or not, there are specific clothes you can wear to reduce your levels of stress. Whether you have a very important exam coming up or you're on the verge of breaking up with your boyfriend of three years -- wearing the right clothes could help your relax a bit. That one sweater you wore the day you found out you got accepted into your dream college or those shoes you wore when you graduated with your Master's might just bring back that happiness you're lacking when the stress presents itself.
According to cognitive psychologist Lawrence D. Rosenblum, "your brain acknowledges when and why you have positive feelings in certain situations and can duplicate them when those experiences are repeated." He also adds, "If you've had a good experience and will be in a similar situation, it makes sense to wear the same garments you wore in that context." So, if you've ever wondered why one pair of jeans makes you feel better -- take this into consideration. We constantly question how others see us in certain clothes, but the question really is -- how do we see ourselves?
@jordanhamilton See that was my problem. We were so friendly that I wouldn't/didn't care about how I looked. lol. It actually was a sign of depression, so these days my casual leans toward dress casual once I add make up jewelry scarf and handbag. A dear friend was having a similar issue and I said toss the sweats, her daughter agreed. Her mood improved. But then, why wouldn't it when you get to shop. The adrenaline rush ...wooohooo.
Sweats are literally my best friend! Lol @EasternShell
It's weird. I noticed certain clothes were connected to my moods. I haven't worn sweats in more than a decade.
Wow that's rather interesting. I'm def a fan of the farmers daughters look as well though @EasternShell
No offense to anyone. I just name different styles for different looks in my closet. Actually I recently shared with friends that the more dressed up I am the more sad I am. If I'm dressed to impress to put gas in the car. Well, I'm ready for a road trip.
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