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The boys have return to Korea and our Suga and V have had a full-on check up. They are doing fine now, they are just resting for now, as well as the rest of our BTS member
BigHit made another announcement early today
This was the best translation that I could get early this morning. It's not the best but I believe we all know what they are trying to say. Our beloved Suga and V have returned to Korea where they had a full-on check up, they are fine now, but they still are resting, as well as the rest of our BTS members. The boys said they plan on resuming their promotions for In The Mood For Love pt. 2 after their well deserved rest.
@sarangseoltang Yes. A couple hours ago V posted a video of himself with a caption saying that he was fine, and that he was strong like superman.. And apologized for making ARMY worried..
@Mightmuffin no problem. I had to find a way to translate this and report it to my fellow ARMYs. I'm sure there were a lot of people still worried.
aww he shouldn't apologize! @BAbrajan1
YAYY!! They are worrying about their health and taking a longer break , I'm seriously so happy!! <3
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