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Sorry if I took too long to post this chapter. The holidays and work have me crazy busy. But enough chit-chat, back to the story. Previous Chapters: Ch. 1 http://www.vingle.net/posts/1261696?shsrc=v Ch. 2 http://www.vingle.net/posts/1272204?shsrc=v Tagging the usual group! Let me know if you want to be added!! @otakukpopgirl @LocoForJiyong @MacyAppleton @SusiBosshammer @SamanthaRae19 @thePinkPrincess @kpopandkimchi @Ercurrent
Ch. 3 Both us and the members of BTS ended up sharing a limo to the restaurant. You could definitely feel the nervousness of everyone in the car. All the guys sat on one side of the limo and decided to talk to eachother in Korean since they guessed we couldn't understand. "Hey Jin hyung." Jungkook called out. "I saw the way you were looking at the leader of the girls. She is really pretty huh. Do you like her?" "Yah, Jungkook! I just met her so I don't know about that." "Maybe it's love at first sight." added Hobi as he took a short break from sneaking looks at Samantha. Jin glanced in my direction as I was talking to Susana. She whispered to me, "Do you think we should tell them that we can understand everything that they are saying?" "I think it would be more fun for them to find out the hard way." I answer as I start to laugh softly and look over at them. "She is very pretty though." he whispers. "Hyung, you should make your move or at least tell her what you think of her." Taehyung said. "What if she has a boyfriend? What if they all have boyfriends? What good is it to confess one's feeling if they will not be reciprocated?" Jin put his head down. "Hyung, don't give up. I haven't seen you look a girl like this before. Give it a chance. Besides if these ladies do sign a contract with our company, they will be moving to Seoul." said Namjoon. We finally arrive at the restaurant, the guys get out first and insist on being gentalmen so they help us out of the car. "My, my, my. You guys certainly know how to treat a lady." said Marisol. "Well of course we do." said Yoongi. We were just about to enter the restaurant when the guys were noticed by fans. "Oh my god! It's BTS!" says one girl. They were suddenly surrounded by lots of fans. "Are you having a surprise concert here or are you shooting a music video?" asks another. We ended up getting shoved to the side by them and were even given a few nasty looks from some of them. But then one of the girls got a really good look at us. "I....I don't believe it......it's R.B.D. KitKat, Glo, Yoona, Sammie Rae, Susi, Mary, Kimchi......" she runs over to us. We all smile sweetly as she hugs us. We take photos and give our autographs. "You guys are soo amazing!! I was at your last live show and I loved your burlesque number."
"Thank you soo much!!! You appreciate the nice words!!!" said Cari with a smile. We took one last group photo with her before the security from the restaurant came out to lend a hand with the fans. "So what is burlesque?" asked Jungkook. We all started giggling. "Um.....it is a form of dance." said Samantha. "A little on the sexy side." added Susana. "A little is an understatement." I said and we a laughed. We were shown to our table and sat across from the guys. "Well ladies, we at BigHit Entertainment want you to join our family as our first international artists." said Ms. Chen. Mr. Bang started to talk on Korean about his ideas for us. Ms. Chen was about to translate when I stopped her. "It's ok Ms. Chen. We understood. We are all fluent in Korean." I smiled sweetly. I looked over at the guys and half of them were shocked while the others were blushing from embarrassment. Jungkook leaned over and whispered to Jin. "I think they understood everything we said in the car..." Jin immediately looked over at me as I was talking to Christina. We ended the meeting and left to our apartment that we all shared. "Oh my god. The look on their faces when they learned that we know Korean was priceless!" said Susana and she laughed. "You know what, we need to celebrate! I think we need to go to the club tonight." suggested Cari. We all agreed and got ready. As we got there, we were immediately recognized and allowed entrance without waiting in line. "R.B.D. is in the house!!" said the DJ as soon as he saw us. "How about a special performance ladies?" Everyone started to cheer for us. We made our way to the stage to get ready. "Are you sure this is the place?" asked Namjoon as they entered the same club. "The guy said this is the hottest spot in town." said Jimin. That's when Taehyung noticed us on stage. "Guys look!!" he said pointing to the stage. We started to sing a cover of Meghan Trainor's song "Lips Are Movin" "Wow....." said Jungkook. When our performance ended, we moved to the dance floor to start dancing. The guys just stood there speechless. "Come on, let's go dance with them!" said Hobi as he made his way towards us. The rest of the guys followed. We were dancing with some random guys when they asked if they could cut in. I looked and saw that it was Jin and the rest of BTS. I took Jin's hand when he offered it and he pulled me towards him. The music switched from a dance song to a salsa song. "Can you salsa?" I asked him. "Not very well." he replied. "No worries. I can teach you." I moved closer to him and placed his hand on my waist. His face got instantly red. "You need to loosen up. Feel the music. Move your body the way that feels right to you." I said. Before long we were dancing across the dance floor with the rest of our friends. We spent almost the whole night dancing together before they said they had to leave because they were leaving tomorrow. We went back to our apartment to try to get some rest as well since tomorrow was our audition for YG Entertainment.
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