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This is an old article so I don't know if this information is still accurate....Apparently on June 18 in an interview on JTBC'S Newsroom the interviewer told Gdragon that Big Bang's competitors EXP and SHINee had released albums and were promoting he then asked What Gdragon thought set Big Bang apart from them....In which GD replied with saying that the difference between them was that Big Bang made their own songs!!
The interview was scared that EXO and SHINee fans would get mad at GD's statement but GD wasn't worried at all. As a matter of fact he replied saying that the fans may get mad but that won't change the truth. When then asked "Is writing songs important?" G-Dragon said, "It can't not be important. If I were to receive a song from a composer and sing it, I'd personally have no confidence. I don't know how it might be for other people, but since I was young, I relayed the songs I had made, so I would hesitate more than other artists if I were to relay [songs made by other people]."
I completely agree with Gd about how writing songs is important...He has been writing songs since he was young so its a big part of his life. EXO and SHINee are still good artists its just that writing songs is something that just make Big Bang's songs a little bit better in my opinion

What Do You Guys Think??!!!

Link to article is here
@VixenViVi In the article it said that even though Big Bang make their own songs...SHINee is starting to create their own sound
Just adding in that SHINee does have a major role in writing and producing their songs ^^
I read this than and agreed full heartily at that time. when an artist writes their own music they share a piece of themselves and connect more and can be prouder of their music
@ladygdragon yeah Exo was the first group I get into but as soon as I heard BigBang it was an instant connection
that's definitely true. I agree, this is why I like gd. he tells it how it is. then again I do believe that some groups are not allowed to write there own songs. prolly so the sing writers and composers keep there jobs, but also for the control. especially in SM.
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