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Kpop BMs 10 (#JB)
Hey guys!! So JB is the winner of the last vote and so here is his card!!! Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy it!!! XD ( Credit to owners )!
Oooo ... he is such a tease!!!! Anyways, don't forget to vote for the next GOT7 member you guys want to see (Jackson, Mark, and JB are all done now!) Also, tell me if you want to be tagged for the rest of the GOT7 cards and which meme or gif of JB was your favorite!!!! XD @MadAndrea @EmilyGardner @torchix @SusiBosshammer @AnnieGoodman @AikoPalman @yeniyx23 @GDsGF
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I would choose jr... but save that cutie for last lol yugyeom for this chick
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
Yugyeom pretty please he is SUCH a cutie xD
2 years ago·Reply
*silently climbs the bias list * 😥😭😍
2 years ago·Reply
JB is my bias but Bambam decided to butt-in, or more like whip nae-nae in and he took the spotlight from my Jaebummie.
a year ago·Reply