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Well, hello Monday.

You're the last one of the bunch in 2015.
Pave the way for all the Monday's that follow.
If you're an avid reader of my cards than you know that every Monday I usually post five motivational and inspirational quotes to help you jump start your week. Since this is the last Monday of the year, I figured I would switch things up one last time.
So, instead of posting motivational quotes this week -- I've decided to post motivational songs. Music does have a way of uplifting people, right? Of course it does. Whether you're in the gym, at your desk or on your lunch break -- throw on some headphones and let these five songs remind you that you're capable of doing whatever you put your mind to. Be bold, be happy and be you.

Song #1:

Stronger - Britney Spears

Song #2:

I Know I Can - Nas

Song #3:

Hope - Twista ft. Faith Evans

Song #4:

I'm Every Woman - Whitney Houston

Song #5:

Happy - Pharrell Williams

What song always puts you in a great mood?

For an extra laugh, watch the Drake gif while playing one of the songs above.
no one knows it but land down under by men at work sorry im a oldies
Lol never ever old! Haha it's so perfect @seouls
Drake's dancing matches every song omg never gets old
ohh just typing it?lol
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