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So it seems that our boys are going to be okay. All the members were given a health examination once they returned to Korea and all were found to be ok. BigHit has also agreed to allow the other members to continue with the set events and award show ceremonies that are already planned. Afterwards they will be taking some much needed R&R. V also tweeted two videos of himself. One said: "Ah, our pretties, did you worry? #oppaisokay" The other: "Tsk, don't worry. Oppa is Superman." Let out a sigh of relief A.R.M.Y. members. Our guys are going to be ok!!!! Be sure to Tweet and Facebook get well wishes for them using the hash tag #GetWellSoonTaehyungandYoongi
@ToppDogg @VeronicaArtino @glo86 the only ones i could call oppa are Suga and Jin lol!
yay....and I can't call either if them oppa. lol
this makes me feel relieved. but I'm older than V so calling himself oppa makes me gigglw
I can call all of them oppa 馃槍馃槍 jk is one year older than me
They'd be calling me Noona.
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