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First my number one ultimate bias.. Do kyungsoo! ♡
Do kyungsoo.. oh D.O this man amazes me first off by just every little action. He could literally just stand there and i get all fangirlyy ♡
reason #1 of course a big reason but not the ONLY reason is this man is so gorgeous. i mean seriously ive never seen such a beautiful human. Like just that smile mmm.. ok ok haha movin on. He could wear anything and have his hair styled which ever way and he still looks amazing. If you dont agree more for me i guess haha ♡
Reason #2 We all know the satansoo. alot people actually dont like the faces he makes. (i know right like what!?) I LOVE it. I love how he doesnt care about image so much that those weird satansoo faces come out. he can look scary but he still looks good am i right? ♡♡
Reason #3 Hes a dork. for a man that always had a serious face he can be a real dork. He secretly has all this aegyo hes hiding. I love him for his personality hes quiet but he can be a dork and show his cute side. well yeah pretty much repeated myself but i just cant even. ! xD ♡ i mean look at him ~
Reason #4 This man has some great sexiness too him. He is known has a squishy guy but can people not see sexy kyungsoo? i love how he can go from serious to cute to dork to sexy who else could pull that off. Now who wants to see that body (; haha i know i do ♡♡
Reason #5 I feel like we are family haha sounds strange huh? but i dont mean like related just i have the emotinal connection with him like when he smiles i smile when he cries i cry and when hes happy im happy etc etc... seems silly but i actually dont realize it sometimes haha xD some people can relate right?
Reason #6 i love kyungsoo and also the biggest reason he is my UB is... *drum roll* His BEAUTIFUL VOICE. omg its like listening to an angel sing. d.o sure can use them vocals. I listen to his voice and it just brings over this happiness. It washes away all my worries. his voice is so low and majestic it is so lovley. it is so beautiful i could cry xD haha no really tho. Thank you for singing with that beautiful voice D.o ♡♡
@Tigerlily84 pointed out i very big mistake on my part. silly of me but. An actual big reason i respect and love Do kyungsoo is his beautiful and amazing acting skills. i really can play any role and do perfect. ive watched everything he has been in and can say ive never been disapointed in his acting. he is so good with his emotions and he gets really into character. we all know him as the sweet romantic in exo next door and the silly cute role as the past imagination in its okay thats love and as the bad ass sexy criminal in i remeber you. also cart i mean all amazing shows and movie. i cannot wait to see hes upcoming movies pure love and hyung. as jealous as one of those will make me haha xD im gonna support him through it all. Do kyungsoo hwaiting!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
@DOislifeExoL You're welcome! will you tag me?
@Tigerlily84 omg.. like i really did tho... what a fan i am. haha xD im gonna edit what i think about that in thank you.! never even noticed maybe i was to busy staring at him to focus (; jk jk
@DOislifeExoL Get out of my head! i am right there with you! I can't help my self, if he smiles I smile. He is an awesome UB! But you forgot one of my fav things about him. he is an AMAZING actor.
@sarangseoltang exactly im there with ya on that. Hes so amazing ♡ xD
I love Kyungsoo from his heart shaped lips , his beautiful voice, his amazing acting skills, His cooking skills , his adorableness, his , his everything LOL