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2015 has been a good year for Kpop right? So I thought it would be fun to do a little challenge as the countdown to 2016 begins! ^^
CHALLENGE RULES: 1: pick your top 5 best/favorite Kpop songs of 2015 2: pick your top 5 best/favorite Kpop dances of 2015 3: pick your top 5 best/favorite Kpop albums of 2015 4: share a new years resolution you have with your Kpop Vingle Family! and that's it! I know its hard to choose a top 5...........but we can do it! tag whoever you want and have fun thinking about the entire year of 2015 with Kpop! I'll start it off~
#1 kpop song of 2015:...damn this is hard...but there's something about Butterfly by BTS that just really got me (i put my own dance cover here...cuz the live version of Butterfly is too short...hope you don't mind!)
#2 Kpop song of 2015: Beautiful by Amber Liu. Her whole solo album was just amazing and this song is... well beautiful
#3 Kpop song of 2015: Fear by Mino and Taeyang produced by Zico! Amazing song!!
#4 kpop song of 2015: Loser by BigBang I think I teared up a little when I first watched the MV/heard the song
#5 Kpop song of 2015: Just Right by GOT7! Such a great meaning behind the song~ dude...this was hard...there's sooo so so many good songs from this year!!
I'm skipping to favorite albums cuz that's a little easier for me my top 5 favorite albums of 2015 are: #1: Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2 by BTS #2: MADE series by BigBang #3: This Is Love by Super Junior #4: 4 Walls by F(x) #5: Zero for Conduct by BASTARZ(Block B) GOT7 If You Do album is right behind that too tho!
#1 Kpop dance of 2015: DOPE by BTS....I was way too impressed with that dance, like damnnnn too good!!!
#2 Kpop dance of 2015: If You Do by GOT7, that foot work and the formations are too good
#3 kpop dance of 2015: So Dangerous by UP10TION, they're rookies but this choreography was soooo good. just powerful
#4 Kpop dance of the year: My House by 2PM such a fun dance~
#5 Kpop dance of the year: 4 Walls by F(x)... or Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet here...or RUN by BTS but I'm trying not to be too bias xD the RUN choreo is good tho. IDK I can't pick a 5th one there's too many good ones~ honestly i put the dances that came to mind cuz I really loved a looot of Kpop dances/choreography this year!!!! I love Kpop dances~
One of my New Years resolution is to work even harder and really focus on shaping up my life in multiple ways. This is going to be my last year in college and there's so much I need to work on and improve with myself before I graduate! I tag all you beautiful people! have fun if you want to do the challenge! ^^ its hard to choose....... @emealia @kpopandkimchi @herreravanessa9 @EyramNtamack @ashleykpop @otakukpopgirl @BtsIsLife @StephanieDuong @aguileragissel @kchavens09 @RecklessYouth @haniarocioo @VeePrudent @Myaisnotsexy @Taehyungie @gtfoiris @kpopulair @baileykayleen @XergaB20 @sherrysahar @jgallegos222 @sugajin94 @SharayahTodd @unbreakable1109 @nate1226 @VixenViVi @tayunnie @AimeeH @Rhia @Nadinerzz @glo86 @NancyVongvilay @Jiyongixoxo @MadAndrea @syd4tomato @naydelinrm @SashaPalansky @wooziswifeu @wereWoolf @MelissaNavarro @deokmanz @MindyLee3 @jennymedina0318 @LovelyHana17 @katcollins02 @ParkHaru @AikoPalman @JeriJohnson @HappyLulie @KWellnitz @88kpoplove @SerahDiane @NikkiJumba @Megano @vanessahale109 @ReynaWithLove @Kyokeo @Katherikookie @eahenline20 @ChelseaAustin @Simba14 @malibella @GauhuaYang @linzi0302 @KpopGaby @MichelleIbarra @jessicalnichols @xsandos17 @OliviaZenger @leeabby88 @KaiTakashima @linzi0302 @CassidyCathell @JessAS @xsandos17 @jojojordy2324 @aleeejandraaa @HarperKennett @Meeshell @lovechobina @destiny1419 @amberg171997 @xxxtina @KaiTakashima @destiny1419 @aguileragissel @kchavens09 @jenjenkhreim @ARMYStarlight @adikiller @MayraCastro @thedopeshow1994 @AshleyMeowmeow @annevictoriaaa @ryanparriola @Pickles440 @SamanthaRae19 @moonchild03 @BaekYeolBaby @Rebecca22 @APinchOfSuga @exoxerox @CaitlynMaharrey @Akiuka @agirlwholovesV @fleaisms @SilentPianist @lovethuder1025 @ryanparriola @JasmineWilliams @B1A4BTS5ever @Ilikepancakes @RainaC3 @kpop14young @annevictoriaaa @LexTay327 @AgentLeo @StarlightDria @cue2pal @IamSasha @jenjenkhreim @shelbyhusband @4dalientae @aguileragissel @EyramNtamack @lovechobina @jojojordy2324 @fleaisms @pharahuchiha @ItatiSanchez @MorleeCorielus @kat121 @JasmineWilliams @KikiChan2119 @namjoonswife @AgentLeo @momoziczioco99 @emilyanpham14 @BrendaValdez @Krazypop @gtfoiris @RecklessYouth @otakukpopgirl @ashleykpop @aleeejandraaa @CassidyCathell @jessicalnichols @KaiTakashima  @jader @JingglyPuff @kpopular @darcmana @jenjenkhreim @mirsadatuzla @Akiuka @ThePinkPrincess @GauhuaYang @linzi0302 @xsandos17 @Meeshell  @kchavens09 @BrendaValdez @StarlightDria @kazukishika @CarleaseMoore @staceyholley @Raelinda @abiersack666 @LuvlyMochi @malibella @GauhuaYang @SkyRollins @xsandos17 @leeabby88 @VivianYang @HarperKennett @StephaniePoore @jjg97 @haniarocioo @VeePrudent @gtfoiris @saraortiz2002 @LilySilver @AshleyMeowmeow @annevictoriaaa @SarahVanDorn @samni1517 @aidalra @thatoneoutcast @opaldreamer @jennymedina0318 @ligaya @gabbylu13 @DreaG1518 @MyriamMadla98 @Adetoro @taetaebaozi  @jeppblackmen  @JustinaNguyen  @AlmaRangel  @anniechang1545  @VKookie47  @Princess2328  @blackirishawk  @kyky97  @sarahdarwish @Mahealani  @TracyLynnn @edwey66  @dancingdazzler  @MBLAQSA  @CreeTheOtaku  @callmeguenza  @nenegrint14  @ninjamidori  @jessicacheung97  @Beckah1327  @Izab3lla  @sosoaloraine23 @passthesuga @annahizaragoza @bekikunstman @jungkookie1
Ooooo nice cover of Butterfly!!! I really like it!!! You are in Color Guard then I am assuming? I was in marching band all 4 years of high school so I loved watching the Color Guard during performances XD
alright I'm going to do this challenge.
oh gosh, I'll have to think about this pretty hard.
Ah. I will have to think about this for sure.
Yes Wooo BTS for the win , LOL just ignore me being a die hard BTS fan XD
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