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Christmas is gone and while the food baby might remain, it is time to start gearing up for New Years Eve!! Obviously the two main questions that pop into your head is; what the hell am I gonna drink and what the hell am I going to wear?
While the drink choice is seriously up too whatever your taste buds are craving (feel no shame if it is fruity!), here are some awesome fashion ideas to start your 2016 year looking and feeling your best!
P.S. Not all of them are sparkly!!

1. Sleek jeans, booties, and a cute sweater.

Most people love a good house party on New Years Eve. A place to avoid outrageous bar prices, the hiked up taxi ride home and a bar full of people just looking to get so drunk they forgot the New Year even happened!
But just because you are at a house party doesn't mean you shouldn't look straight up amazing for your New Years kiss.
Treat yourself to a perfectly fitting pair of skinny jeans, the darker the better since that makes your night time look that much hotter. Throw on a sweater and pair of perfect booties and you'll be sleek, put together and the perfect amount of dressy casual.

2. A playful jumpsuit!

These winter appropriate rompers make you look stunning while also leaving you feeling like youre are in your PJs. That is a win win to me.
And the best part about them, black really isn't the go to color. So feel bold come this New Year and get a jumpsuit in a color you've always wanted to rock.
Pair with some cute, but subtle heels that wont take away from the outfit and you'll be sure to be a head turner.

3. Dress up that little black dress with some gold and silver!

Yes, I did say I would avoid the stereotypical glitter dress that makes you look like the second ball dropping (not that thats a bad thing!). But I would be silly to ignore the fact that this day is the perfect time to break out some serious statement pieces that can transform your already perfect little black dress.
Think bold necklaces, dangly earrings and interesting bangles and you will go into 2016 feeling like a star.
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