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Can you believe it's been ten years?

Because honestly I was shocked when I realized it's been that long since Elektra was released (honestly 2005 feels like yesterday, and in a few more hours it will be 2016! how). Since the character is getting a second chance in the Marvel-Netflix series Daredevil it feels like a great time to revisit her first solo movie. Who else remembers this?

Critics didn't love it.

In fact, the movie was almost universally panned (it has a 10% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates reviews). It barely made back its $43 million dollar budget (grossing $56.7) so it definitely wasn't the most popular movie that year. But fans didn't reject it. Though Elektra was far from a perfect movie, it was fun, visually stunning, and enjoyable. It's still a little shy of a cult classic, but it definitely didn't turn down our passion for the character.

Sequels have it rough.

And spinoffs are usually a much harder sell. Daredevil did well financially, but it wasn't beloved by critics, and ultimately that probably influenced their response to Elektra. It's great to see people giving the characters a second chance on Netflix: The first season has a 98% approval rating, and anticipation for the second season is high. And because Marvel likes to keep all options on the table, film appearances are part of every actor's contractual obligations. Though there's nothing planned, if Marvel keeps delivering quality stories it seems like fan demand will only increase. So who knows what the future holds?
@shannonl5 yes but we can watch other stuff
@agoose007 I think I did too. Jennifer Garner struck me as really good for the role
We still watch it, I've always liked both movies (especially Elektra, because...Danny Woo The execution and the story are a little lacking (okay, you got me...the carry over really bothered me for a long time...but I've learned how to take a film for what it is, rather than comparing it or the source material). But I found the visuals engaging enough that I like rewatching from time to time. Especially Elektra...there were some pretty unique special effects for the time. (But also, Will Yun Lee!)
@drlizardo ooooh I haven't heard about that. I'd definitely want to see it though
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