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Would I rather tell Jimin he is beautiful or tell Jin that he's not boring?

Yes, thank you, a less mind wracking question than ones about whether I want to break someone's heart or fight someone! An easier one, thank you!
So we have Jimin, who we all know is beautiful. And I have a feeling that he knows it too.
We all have insecurities but I think he's told he's beautiful often enough and on a large enough scale that he definitely knows people find him gorgeous!
I didn't know people thought Jin was boring. I suppose as the 'mom', and also the oldest, he probably keeps them from going too crazy or being reckless; but that's not particularly boring, that's caring!
But he definitely doesn't suck the fun out of things; besides I thought that was Jimin's job!
So beautiful or boring?

Jin you are not boring! And I'll definitely tell you that!

Sorry Jimin! Don't cry! I promise I'll make it up to you; we're still good right? No hard feelings? I just can't have Jin thinking he's boring!
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@MadAndrea I defintely would agree on telling Jin that he is not boring. Jimin seems to have a great sense on confidence; so he will defintely be ok. lol
@MadAndrea I've seen that clip and I couldn't stop laughing at it
I would tell Jin he isn't boring at all. He's actually quite playfull. Jimin knows he is gorgeous
@KokoroNoTakara let's not get started on that, my feels are not ready
@KokoroNoTakara So just done. There's another clip right after it and he looks downright disgusted haha
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