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He's got sex appeal. Just roll with it.

Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) is one of the most underrated Avengers. Sure, Age of Ultron gave him some love, but he doesn't have a solo movie and he spent the first 45 minutes of the first Avengers brainwashed and basically MIA. Which means a lot of people haven't checked out his comics, and that's a darn shame. Because he spends most of his time hunting for either coffee or pizza, naked, confused, or all three. He's basically the most relatable superhero out there.

And he's also smokin' hot.

*Mature readers only beyond this point, because it's about to get... mature*
He's basically a young Brad Pitt.
The New Avengers Annual #3 really wanted us to check out his piercing baby blue eyes.
See? Definitely all about the eyes.
Okay maybe not *all* about the eyes. And it doesn't end there...
See Clint, this is why we don't sleep naked. Now there's glass everywhere. (Thank Matt Fraction and David Aja for that).
Clint Caught-With-His-Pants-Down Barton, at your service.
And of course in Secret Avengers, he gets chased by... well I don't want to spoil anything.

Seriously though is there anyone else left that doesn't see Hawkeye's appeal?

It's ok Clint, I'm sure everyone loves you. Raise your hand if you feel Hawkward!

Honestly, every time I hear his name I hear hot guy <3
Hawkeye! You Rock!
@Shannon15 I kinda want a guy with those eyes they're so pretty I could stare at them all day
@KaisPrincess haha yeah I focused on the eyes to keep it pg-13 XD
Love that dorky Hawkguy. Such a stud
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