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Perhaps this is a sneak peek of what's to come for 2016: high impact, voluminous gowns.
While there's no website for this designer--trust me, I've searched high and low--Yogie Pratama seems to be doing just fine, dressing fashionistas and celebrities in the East. The Jakarta designer is expert at adding volume to gowns that otherwise would seem to drag with gravity. Looking at these dresses, you'd swear he's just as much an architectural engineer to get the fabric to do exactly what it does!
Could you imagine yourself in this beauty?! If you're looking for THE DRESS of your dreams, then you need to check out the gowns in my Designer Collection here.
This is akso such an awesome card!!! I like the last dress. If I were to ever wear it I believe ut would suit me.
YES! the last one is divine! I mean, they all are, but the last one...yes! @KDramaKPop1015