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You know what I mean.

Are you one of those fans that loves both DC and Marvel? Both Trek and Wars? Are you having trouble deciding if you're Team Cap or Team Stark? Are you just really, really bad at making decisions? Then this card is for you. (I'd say this card is also for bisexuals, but every card I write is for bisexuals).

Here's to the Trekkies and the Wookies

If there's one thing we know for sure: J.J. Abrams is definitely grateful you exist.

Here's to you Bat-Fam and Mercs.

We waited long enough and comics are cool now. We're gonna win every trivia night.

Here's to the Titans and the Scouts

Okay there's no rivalry between the fans of Sailor Moon and Attack on Titan. YET.

No baiting here, pinky swear.

It feels like the impression people have of fans is that we're always at war with each other, and happily on Vingle that hasn't ever been the case! So let's hear it for the multifans! Let me know if you're one of those awesome people that answers "both" when they're asked to pick between two cool things!
I like both. [Both being for any topic really, I'm a curious guy after all] To be honest I'm not very good with Marvel or DC comics. I mean, I do know random trivia facts and I have read quite a bit - but I am in no way a contender for the Mega-fans, if you get my drift. But I enjoy learning new things, and being here makes it easy to feel welcomed and less judged on my experience, if that makes sense? So for me, yes, Both! :3
@Danse makes perfect sense! I'm actually really happy I found vingle because it's one of the first places it's really felt like the price of admission is 'you like this- AWESOME'. New fans, old fans, we're all fans, right?
@shannonI5 so much yes.
what @Danse said
I've definitely drifted more towards Marvel in recent years. I grew up on the different DC animated series. Superman, Batman, Justice League. Do I love both. And I refuse to take a side in the Cap & Tony civil war debate. Both sides have reasonable arguments for their viewpoint. And why can't you like both Sailor Moon and Attack on Titan like animes?
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