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I write a lot about the inequality the genders face. Specifically the fact that women are judged based on their looks (being too pretty or too ugly is a legit crime), we are told to put in more effort on our appearance even though that makes us vain, and do not even get me started on the fact that we apparently need to smile more.
And then just yesterday I stumbled upon the most amazing buzzfeed video ever which takes the backhanded insults women receive daily and throw them back at men.
Check out the video below!
While this is pretty hilarious, it really brings a lot of attention to the backhanded, always critical, and usually judgmental comments that are given to women without a second thought.
And yet it is only when the same comments are given back to the males who usually say them that we finally open our eyes to see how messed up they are.
We have gone too accustom to the idea that total strangers reserve the right to comment on women that we can't even see how inappropriate and sexist these comments are.
My personal favorite: "See this is exactly why men can't be in power. Ya'll are so emotional, you'd be setting off nukes all day and fighting over chicks."
Because yes that has been said to me, and yes it is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!
"Go grill me a burger" XD this is a pretty good way to explain why stuff like this is off-putting. Everything they're saying is super insulting and it's so grating when you hear it all the time
I'll have to watch it again to catch all of them @LizArnone but yes, these are seriously clever. i love it
@nicolejb I know right at first I was like go make me a hamburger and then I was like OHHHHH CUZ sandwiches 馃槖馃槖 haha that's soooo good tho @ButterflyBlu when people even make jokes about that I get sooooo pissed UGHHHH thankfully a lot of us are revolting against this idea !
@shannonl5 yeah and most of it was just plain creepy lol
so accurate.gotta love those men that give women their unwanted opinion.
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