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CHALLENGE RULES: 1: pick your top 5 best/favorite Kpop songs of 2015 2: pick your top 5 best/favorite Kpop dances of 2015 3: pick your top 5 best/favorite Kpop albums of 2015 4: share a new years resolution you have with your Kpop Vingle Family!

1.Top 5 Favorite Songs💕

This is the hardest choice ever lol I love soo many! After the first song the rest are in no particular order (and a lot of songs were amazing but I had to choose only 5) 1.Loser - BigBang this song is my all time favorite of this year , I can relate on soo many levels and it seriously speaks to everyone 2.GD Top-쩔어 this one goes to BigBang as well because this song is my jam the video was amazing and it's just perfect 3.2pm-우리집 do I really need to explain this one?? Seriously hot gorgeous do the guys look and this song is soo catchy 4.BTS-Dope the song is amazing! The video amazing!! The dancing!!!!! Too much perfection in one video 5.Jay Park ft Okasian-You Know Even though this isn't Kpop this song right here is one of the best songs of the year!!!!!! This was probably one of the greatest collabed of all time my two loves together in this sexy video just being gorgeous and what not killed me I listen to this song at least 2927282929times a day😂😂

Top 5 Dances

1.Bts- Dope we can all agree that this was probably the best dance of the year!! I mean just look at how perfect this dance is 2. Got7-Just Right This was probably the cutest dance ever!!! I've watched this video an unhealthy amount of times all because of how adorable the dance is 3.Big Bang-Bang Bang Bang I absolutely love this dance and know it by heart😂😂 4.Uniq-EOEO This one needs no explanation so I'm just gonna leave this right here😍😍😍😍 5.Bobby -이리오너라 I love the dancing in this idk why lol maybe it's because anytime Bobby and bi dance I find it extremely attractive 😂

Top 5 Favorite Albums

1.Bigbang -Made Series I seriously can't wait for the full album! 2.Jay Park- Worldwide Again not Kpop but this album was by far one of the best this year!!! Every song on it is straight🔥🔥🔥 and King Jay really killed it!! I have yet to stop listening to this album and have no plans of stopping anytime soon! 3.Ikon-Welcome Back Full album The boys made me soooo proud with this album!!!!! I knew it would be good but I never expected it to be this amazing!!! I seriously can't wait for these guys to do a second album!! 4.BTS Bts has killed us multiple times this year but this album was amazing!!! The feel to this one is probably their best yet I could jam out all day! 5.Zico-Gallery mini Technically not Kpop either but Zico killed it!!!!!! I'm beyond proud of all the things he's accomplished being soo young but this mini album proved to anyone that ever dared to doubt him wrong! Zico is an amazing rapper so definitely one of the best this year!

New Years resolution!

1.My ultimate resolution is to lose weight(short term goal 40 but by the end of the year I want to have lost 70lbs) because Ive been struggling with my weight for years and I've been extremely unhappy so I want to better myself so I can have a healthier and happier lifestyle. 2.Save Money for my trip to Korea! Hopefully by the end of next year I plan on going to Korea for a 12 week program where I'll be studying abroad to learn the Korean Language. I've been self teaching for awhile and learned a lot (I can read and write(not a lot but basics)and I can engage in small conversations , and such)but I want to really better my knowledge of the language in hopes to really become fluent so what better way to learn than to learn in the beautiful country itself! So that's my biggest goal and I'm gonna make sure I save all I can so I can go
I'll get this done tomorrow k? Good luck with your resolutions! Mine are very similar. Hwaiting!!
@Helixx thank you! Me too! It's a really cool program which will hopefully help me get one step closer to gd😂😂
Awesome stuff girl! I'm excited for your Korea trip.
love it! Love Zico's mini album too~ Good luck with your resolutions!! I'm also going to study hard to learn Korean!