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I found this quote and loved it to death because while it's completely tongue-in-cheek, it's the truth behind it that's real: the only guy worth messing your makeup over is the one that adores you, versus the one that brings you pain and grief.
The makeup is coming off one way or another--let it be because you're having the time of your life with the one that you love, and who loves you back! Don't settle for second-best. You're too "ENOUGH" to be not good enough for another person!
Embrace all of who you are, live your life with purpose, without regrets, and allow yourself to explore and experience true love. Yes, you're worth it.
This is just a little pick-me-up for all the single ladies out there pining for love and the taken gals who may or may not be in the best relationships. Make up with your significant other--for good--or break it off completely.
Now...what's everyone's MUST makeup product that you're currently obsessing over?! SHARE!!!!!!
Tagging all the makeup enthusiasts here...
馃憣馃徑馃憣馃徑馃挄馃挄馃挄 perfect message to compliment the perfect quote.
Wow! Thanks for being so candid and sharing your story @stephosorio :) I think it's really spectacular that your BF buys you lipstick. That is just way awesome! Does he know the colors/brands that you love?
@marshalledgar this is so on point. My ex bf used to avoid kissing me when I wore red lipstick because he'd be ashamed to have lipstick on him after. But my current bf who I have been with for years loves it. He actually wants to get my Lips tatted on him. He buys me lipstick and encourages me to wear it. Point of the story is I know feel loved and confident rather than before when I would not be able to wear lipsticks and be myself if I wanted to be kiss rather than rejected. So if he doesn't encourage you to be yourself. compliment you and make you happy. Move on, you deserve more than that 馃槉
I agree
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