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BTS would you rather (full)
1. id rather disappoint jin, bc i dont want to break anyone's heart 2. re-dye v's hair 3. id fight suga (sorry baby😂) he'll get tired in the middle lol 4. tell jin he is not boring haha 5. fight J-Hope 6. have a dance off with rapmon 7. Kiss J-hope 8. punch jin (sorry suga is bae😂) 9. take away sugas swag lmao 10. shave rapmons head (bc hair can grow again you know) 11. perform on stage with jimin 12. id rather have jin find my blog 13. NAMJIN 14. ask jimin anything i want 15. cuddle with suga . . 😬 16. id take jungkook to a 1D concert (i dont like kanye west thats why) 17. marry J-Hope 18. have jimin as my personal motivator 19. id rather dance with V at 5AM with fuzzy socks on slipping floor over the dorm room floors
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