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Marvel just released some exclusive pics!

Doctor Strange is one of the less conventional characters in the Marvel universe. The creators confirmed that they were under the influence of some serious psychedelics when they were writing the story and drawing the art, and the end result definitely shows it. The comics were trippy and mystical and totally awesome. So we're all expecting a stark tonal difference with this upcoming movie.
The character design looks extremely loyal to the comics.
To me, this looks like a slightly gloomier version of Stark's lab.
Of course, this is pure homage to the comics. Click through the image for a comparison.
Did you like the old comics? It seems like the character has fallen out of popularity lately, so I'm hoping this movie will increase interest.
I'm excited. Benedict is one of my favorite actors and I'm excited to learn more about doctor strange since I rarely see him in comics
@MichaelOgg yeah! It's coming out next November
@ChosenKnight I haven't really seen him in much (aside from Sherlock) but I'm interested to see how this one turns out. Especially since the comics have always been a little niche, and they're often separate from the rest of the universe
@ButterflyBlu @MichaelOgg @LAVONYORK I'm thinking they'll be setting up the infinity gauntlet a bit more since they probably don't have time for it in Civil War
Excited, this is going to be awesome! **please don't mess this up **
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