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@shannonl5 I'm gonna have to say dc mainly because of superman
Oh yeah can't forget about Franklin Richards and thanos and apocalypse and Odin and world war hulk and ghost rider
@DannyMoses Based on his new powers yes he can, they've gotten way to into the whole God among men thing. His speed surpasses them all and his strength at least matches them. In my opinion it's dumb because the Avengers smoke Hyperion who is the marvel version of him with the same exact powers, but what do I know XP
Many would argue that D.C. would win primarily based on the shear power of Superman and Batman's combative detective and tactical skills. My opinion is Marvel would win because of the vast number of intelectual figures in a vast number of fields, the number of characters with extreme healing factors, and the overwhelming number of characters on the marvel side.
can superman beat the combo of hulk Thor and silver surfer
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