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@shannonl5 I'm gonna have to say dc mainly because of superman
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@rockeon97 I completely forgot about world breaker hulk. But even with batman he can't out think doom and reed Richards
He can't? I just assume Batman can beat anyone because he's BATMAN! Dr.Doom can challenge the Bat, but isn't Reed more of a scientist than a strategist? I'd say Batman and Doom will do the brainwork while Reed helps Tony. @TwiztidSpider
@Rockron97 Reed is considered the smartest comic character in anything. He's so smart he's able to talk galactus out of eating earth. As for batman. I can't stand him so I'm biased on anything that comes to him, yes batman is a good strategist but there's nothing he can do to neutralize certain characters powers or even go toe to toe with them.
Oh, wow. I didn't know that. LOL. Reed should make more use of his superpowers. You don't like Batman? I'm guessing those fanboys piss you off. Yeah, I'm a Marvel fan. I hate how OP and unrealistic DC is, ESPECIALLY Flash. Writers have dumb ways to limit him. Batman's not invincible, but he did do something similar to Reed by blackmailing Darkseid, outsmarting him. Yes, he gets lame stories sometimes, but he's not bad. @TwiztidSpider
@Rockron97 yeah reed is stupidly smart. You got it in one. His fanboys have ruined the character for me. That being said I do however love the joker I totally agree, I love how marvels heroes are the underdogs and get beat more then they win