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The problem is real ---


Boob Sweat

No, I am not talking about the cute little drops of sweat that gathers on your chest, I am talking about the massive pool that is stuck between and around your boobs. There so much collected sweat during a hard working out, someone can take a swim in it.

Jogging? You Mean The Boob Slap?

Most sports bra aren't very great. Actually, the majority are awful for the big boobie ladies (even for itty bitty t*ttie committee). Unless you invest in a more expensive sports bra that's equipped to handle the weight, chances are your boobs are flapping around.
Jog *slap* Jump *slap*
Sitting *slap*

Hand Bra for Running

Why is that holding your boobs with your hands work far better than any bra? I caught myself doing this when running up and down a few stairs. And then I am like, "oh my god people probably think I am nuts!"

Cleavage. Cleavage Everywhere.

It happens. Sometimes we try everything we can to prevent the misbehaving cleavage, but they like to sneak up from time-to-time. Especially during bench press. Or bending down. Or stretching. Or like...doing anything. ;__;

The Frequent Bra Adjustment

No, you're not going to the bathroom to pee. You're going to adjust your bra -- or in this case, the 5 layered bras that definitely don't provide any support.
For my big boobie peeps: what's the worst thing about going to the gym with huge hooters?
@alywoah My daughter is a dancer and some of hers cost more than the shoes.....but it's a necessity.
The best part is at the end of the workout when you can free the puppies from the endless layers of bras,crop tops,tight tops,and whatever else you've been using to hold the puppies they come off im like Ooooooh
I'm telling you I got a black eye and when I told everybody what happened they didn't won't to believe me well when you run and do all different and new types at the gym while GDD yeah now sorry I'm not bragging wish I could get a reduction just don't have the money. have a good and blessed day Every1. Love, Ashley #1realestchick #Livingmylife2thefullest
When your boobs try to escape your bra/top. Cleavage slowly turns into full on peep show!!
for me, it's the cleavage that turns into accidental flashing/exposure. full coverage sports bra is now my mantra instead of cutesy ones.
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