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The problem is real ---


Boob Sweat

No, I am not talking about the cute little drops of sweat that gathers on your chest, I am talking about the massive pool that is stuck between and around your boobs. There so much collected sweat during a hard working out, someone can take a swim in it.

Jogging? You Mean The Boob Slap?

Most sports bra aren't very great. Actually, the majority are awful for the big boobie ladies (even for itty bitty t*ttie committee). Unless you invest in a more expensive sports bra that's equipped to handle the weight, chances are your boobs are flapping around.
Jog *slap* Jump *slap*
Sitting *slap*

Hand Bra for Running

Why is that holding your boobs with your hands work far better than any bra? I caught myself doing this when running up and down a few stairs. And then I am like, "oh my god people probably think I am nuts!"

Cleavage. Cleavage Everywhere.

It happens. Sometimes we try everything we can to prevent the misbehaving cleavage, but they like to sneak up from time-to-time. Especially during bench press. Or bending down. Or stretching. Or like...doing anything. ;__;

The Frequent Bra Adjustment

No, you're not going to the bathroom to pee. You're going to adjust your bra -- or in this case, the 5 layered bras that definitely don't provide any support.
For my big boobie peeps: what's the worst thing about going to the gym with huge hooters?
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Thank You very much chic! #1realestchick, #Livingmylife2thefullest XOXO 馃拫
2 years agoReply
I was going to say Everything. I wear regular bras because I can't stand the bounce in a sports bra or having my boobs crushed to reduce bounce.
2 years agoReply
im guessing it must also be a hard time for guys aswell
2 years agoReply
never thought I'd say this: thank goodness I have medium boobs! The jogging slap doesn't sound too pleasant lol
2 years agoReply
@Animaniafreak lol lucky hahaa. If I had the money I'd totally get a boob reduction.
2 years agoReply