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This winter wedding season, be sure to cozy up with your lover--and friend--with a warm crocheted or knitted blanket.
When was the last time you guys surprised your baby--throwing a blanket around them, drawing them near you and giving them a kiss? If you can't remember, don't let today go by without doing this; SHE WILL LOVE IT! And you will too!
One of my favorite memories that I LOVE TO SHARE is when I was walking outside on a blustery winter day in Chicago. I happened to look inside a cafe and my heart stopped, though I kept walking. Inside, there was a young woman sitting on her man's lap, covered in a blanket as the two of them read a novel together. It warmed my heart immediately. I thought to myself, I want that kind of love.
What's your favorite winter love moment/story/memory?
All I need is a lover lol
I love the idea of having somebody during the holidays, but it has yet to work out that way. I'm always hot, but I love cuddling XD I suppose that's a good combination until she warms up too and then it just becomes uncomfortable lol But yeah, I have that fantasy about being curled up in front of a fireplace with snow falling outside, dozing off because we just ate ourselves into a food coma.
I'd like to cuddle up with someone on the beach at night! Haven't found the one yet.
oh wow, that's great! Snow...fireplace...the one you love and mutual food comas. Maybe throw in some Netflix... @Arellano1052