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Discussion time Mina! who do you think would win??? I personally believe saitama would!! goku is a saiyan and extremely powerful, however saitama can take him down anytime!!
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@Tylerdurso yeah but they were the 'strongest in the universe' at that point. that was before they met cell or babidi (or any of the non-canonical enemies). Krillin couldn't find on any even terms once the androids showed up. Saitama has been seen to utterly destroy every enemy encountered in his career.
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@VinMcCarthy I do believe One Punch would beat Krillen but I refuse to believe he can beat Goku.
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@TylerDurso fair enough, lol. I just wanna see where it goes because Saitama is basically the inverse of goku
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@VinMcCarthy very true and I'm glad to see the next big thing in anime.
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it's a difficult choice
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