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Discussion time Mina! who do you think would win??? I personally believe saitama would!! goku is a saiyan and extremely powerful, however saitama can take him down anytime!!
I have to go with Saitama on this every time. we haven't yet seen his truest power, but we have seen gokus.
@VinMcCarthy very true and I'm glad to see the next big thing in anime.
@Tylerdurso yeah but they were the 'strongest in the universe' at that point. that was before they met cell or babidi (or any of the non-canonical enemies). Krillin couldn't find on any even terms once the androids showed up. Saitama has been seen to utterly destroy every enemy encountered in his career.
I'm tired of this debate. Goku is a SSJ God! He has trained and bested many of God like creatures and pushed the God of destruction to 70% of his power. 100 squats, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and a 10K every day would weaken him because it's not even a warm up. Before even fight Frieza he trained at 100X earths natural gravity doing thousands of push ups, sit ups and squats.@VinMcCarthy we haven't seen all of Goku's strength, he's still training with Whis and Beerus.
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