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It's not often that you see a bride with a cascading bridal bouquet that drags behind her like this. And guess what?! It's STUNNING!


As you can see, the bouquet mirrors the effortless drape and elegance of the bridal dress and train. The florals are not designed in a stiff or round style bouquet. They are mostly vinery, some dahlias and what appear to be some exotics from the protea family, (though, I could be wrong).
Nothing about this is over the top or glamorous--in the sense that it's been manicured that way. It's very BoHo and rustic. There's an essence of mystique to this as well, which makes it all the more alluring.
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@marshalledgar definitely. I lowkey have a dream wedding and I think thats why It's taking him so long to save up lol 😁 but just seeing pics like these get me super excited for that day
save save save. 😁😀😊 but start your epic dress search now!
he wants a ball gown . he claims I have to look like a princess no mermaid dress lol
& I actually agreed