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Suga undressed me because I came home drunk

Parts One - Two - Four *Note: •Gonna put a trigger warning on this •Pardon my language in this! •This is no longer the original scenario, rather a continuation. •Our character now has a name!
"YoonGi, wake up." It was early morning, sunlight was streaming in the window and into the loft area. The two beds that sat there were cast in shadows and broken rays. You'd been laying there for awhile, watching the idol sleeping because it never seemed like he got enough. His chest rising and falling, soft snores escaping him every few minutes. It was nice to just lay there and admire him without being teased in return. The peaceful morning was cut short, however, just moments ago a shrill alarm sounded in the small apartment. The noise coming from YoonGi's discarded jeans that had fallen off the bedding area and out into the living room. You pushed at him with your foot, watching as he groaned and rolled away. Laughing, you moved from your mattress onto his and slipped under the covers. Grinning wickedly and jerking your legs up, you pressed the ice cold blocks that were your feet, under his shirt. Min YoonGi had never moved so fast in your presence before and it had you crying with laughter. In his hast to get away, he'd toppled off the other side of the mattress and hit the floor with an audible thump. In the fit you were in, you failed to notice that YoonGi had pulled himself from the floor. Failed to notice that he was glaring at you for interrupting his sleep. Lastly, you failed to notice that he climbed back onto the bed. Only realizing your failure of observation when YoonGi was positioned over you, hovering inches away with a scowl. "Micy, what the fuck." The rest of the morning was filled with silent glances and smothered giggles. After explaining just why you stuck your ice blocks to his back, YoonGi moved from the loft with a grumble. The morning moved on after he tossed his phone back up, nearly hitting you in the process. YoonGi spent his time trying to wake up and finish what he was working on the night before. You prepped coffee and eggs, the toast to burnt to be edible. He didn't question it when you muttered curses and chucked the burnt pieces, didn't hide the chuckle when you nearly tripped walking to the couch with breakfast in hand, and didn't push you away when you huddled next to him to watch him work. This had become near routine when he stayed over. Even if your apartment was considerably far from the studio, he came here when there was a part he was stuck at. Your apartment put him at ease and helped with his music, so it wasn't a bother. "It's almost nine, I should head into the studio." You simply nodded, moving from the couch "If you don't have to be in at work today, let's go to Ikovox. You like it there right?" "It's nice and they have good coffee." Without hesitation, you moved up to the loft in search of his phone. Finding it and heading back into the living space, you met YoonGi at the base of the stairs. "See you later then." It seemed without much thought, more reflex and it caught you both off guard. Both standing almost completely still, YoonGi's lips mere centimeters from your forehead, you both took it in. In a flurry of movement and an almost frantic goodbye, YoonGi was closing the front door and you could've sworn his pale skin was glowing pink. - You were sat at a table against the window, watching the people outside going about there lives. It was almost two and YoonGi was running a bit late. A smile played at your lips when you glanced over the text message again, apologizing for his being late. Work was running over a bit, the boys pestering about his lateness into work that morning with questions on just where he'd been. NamJoon knew actually where he was and the rest could probably piece it together but the thought of him being teased over it was cute. "What's with the grin?" His voice pulled you away but instead of looking at him, you motioned at the lady to start your order. "Ah, how was work? Get anything done or were the boys to much?" YoonGi only gave you a flat look before collapsing into his chair "I take it that not much of anything was finished." "Hardly anything which means another late night. I was looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow but it'll be another early morning before we knock off." YoonGi ran his hands over his face, exhaustion showing. "Plan on staying at my place again?" The mere mention of your apartment had YoonGi's cheeks tinting pink. Lunch proceeded with small talk and a few laughs, both of your phones receiving prying messages from his group. You offered to walk him back to the studio, not having much to do that day, but he quickly turned it down. The boys would never allow you to leave if that happened, rather he walked you to the subway station. "Don't stay to late at the studio," YoonGi nodded, tugging your beanie down ",And remember an umbrella. It's supposed to rain tonight and I know how you get when it rains on you." He waved you off, nudging your head with his fist before saying a quiet goodbye.
Mindlessly wandering the streets, you found yourself back in the familiar market near your sister's apartment. It was nice to pass through places you hadn't visited in some time, making you realize just how little time you spent at your sister's. Making a mental note to stop in before leaving the area, you walked on. Little shops here and there were selling things out the front. Giving smiles to those who looked in your general direction, you milled about and browsed. Maybe something would catch your eye, make you think of a person and you would buy it just for them. You stopped in a convenience store, getting something to drink and checking the time. You'd been walking around a lot longer than you thought, the time inching closer to five. Thanking the clerk behind the counter, you went back out to the street and noticed the sky darkening. "Michelle?" Your name being called caught you off guard and you looked around in surprise. Eyes landing on a smiling man a few feet away, your heart nearly stopped at the sight of his arm around a woman. "Jun, wh-what are you doing here?" Your voice seemed to break, your eyes watching the couple as they came closer. "I didn't think it was you." He was smiling at you before the woman elbowed him "Oh, this is my fiancée, SooJin." "Fiancée?" The term given to another woman in such a short amount of time had you completely taken aback. "Well it'll be wife next week." The woman spoke up, looking up at JunYoung. "It's been what, a year now?" You simply nodded at his question. It had only been a year, twelve short months had come and gone. Here he was, moved on from your long relationship and already ready to marry someone else. You were barely able to go out most days, let alone be ready to marry someone new. "Ex-excuse me." You rushed past them, tears brimming. - You didn't know how you managed to make it back to the apartment, but you were there. You didn't know how long you were there, you just were. There were bottles scattered on the floor around you and one in your hand. Taking another swig of the liquid inside, it drowned out your sobs. This isn't how things were supposed to be, not at all. You were supposed to be over him, moved past that relationship. Yet you weren't, you were sitting here drinking and crying over a man who could care less about you. You were breaking inside all over again over someone you should have forgotten about already. Rage filled you suddenly, tears running down your face and your chest heaving in attempts to calm yourself. The bottle left your hand, flying at the wall and shattering. Glass and liquor went everywhere but the mess only made you feel worse. You were throwing bottle after bottle, watching them slam into the wall and shatter. Putting everything in them; your feeling, your hopes, your past. Watching everything fall to pieces and become just a mess. When the bottles ran out, you sunk back to the floor and sobbed. The walls felt like they were closing in, like they were suffocating you. The apartment felt to small, you needed air and you needed it now. Rushing to the door, you slid shoes on and grabbed up the jacket that was haphazardly thrown onto the shoe rack. You were outside in no time, cold rain soaking you within a matter of moments. Not many people walked the streets and it made you realize the late hour. You were sobering up now, the alcohol wearing thin in your system. A numbness was filling you and you couldn't tell if it was the lack of emotion or the cold of the rain. Sometime later you were in a familiar neighborhood but your leg were tired. Collapsing into the doorway of a closed shop, you were very much done with today and with life. Soaked to the bone and tired, so very tired, you found your phone and dialed the one number you needed. "YoonGi, I'm so tired."
You were shivering, huddled against the brick of the doorway and the rain still pelting down. A cold had settled over the night, wind picking up and the rain turning to ice. You thought over getting more liquor, at least it could warm you in this misery. "Come on Micy." His voice had you jumping, not expecting his so close but there he was, crouching there next to you and holding the umbrella out. "YoonGi." You didn't think, just reached out and wrapped your arms around his neck. He stood, pulling you up with him and holding you close. He smelled nice, like mint and soap and just him. YoonGi didn't question your smell, reeking of alcohol and rain and sweat. He only kissed your forehead for the second time that day and guided you down the street. - You must have fallen asleep, waking to the sound of clicks and muffled beats. Shifting around on the couch and moving the warm blanket away from your face, you watched YoonGi working. He was concentrating hard on the computer in front of him, bobbing his head to the music. It caused you to smile for the first time since lunch that day, or maybe it was yesterday. "You awake?" Another voice questioned you. "Joonie." Your voice croaked out when you spoke, having moved enough to meet the eyes of the other boy. He was sitting on another couch, notebook open in front of him. NamJoon's pencil wiggling in his hand as he watched you. "Feeling better?" You simply nodded, sitting up on your own couch. "A couple of the stylists were still here so they changed you. Jin took your clothes to the dorm to dry them." NamJoon passed you one more glance before going back to his work. Looking down at your clothes, you were wearing sweater and sweats. Not the most flattering of outfits but they were probably trying to get you warm. "I don't remember getting here." "YoonGi brought you in and you passed out the second that head of yours hit the couch. You sure you're okay?" "I'm fine, really." Waving NamJoon off, you patted at your face. It was puffy and still cold to the touch but your tears were long gone. "Going to tell us what happened?" YoonGi spoke up, clicking something on the monitor before turning to face you. "I-I just...JunYoung was in the market." You let out a shaky breath before continuing ",And he was with his new fiancée." You sniffled, tears threatening to start falling again. "Fiancée?" Both of the boys seemed shocked. You watched them pass looks to each other, a conversation with the eyes. "I'll let you guys talk, I need to check on Jimin anyway." NamJoon stood, moving to the door and passing you one more look before leaving. YoonGi moved to sit next to you on the couch, instantly you buried your head into his chest and cried. You hated feeling like this, hated the fact that someone who had loved you so much could just easily move on and marry. It made you feel worthless, like you had meant nothing to the man. The idol let you cry and when the tears ran out, he let you rant. He let you speak and yell and get everything out. YoonGi just sat there and listened to every word, not saying anything in return but nodding in understanding. "Am I really that easy to throw away." It wasn't much of a question more a statement of your own disbelief. "Michelle, you are worth so much to us. You are so important and mean so much to so many people. You are person that brings smiles to people's faces. You're kind and thoughtful, you know exactly what to say and know exactly how to bring people back up." "You are worth everything so some people and so many people just don't deserve you. They don't deserve your kindness or patience or anything from you. JunYoung is an idiot for giving up on some one as special as you are." "Then why can't I be that someone to another person?" You choked on another sob. "You are the someone to a person." YoonGi tucked your hair away, brushing it from your face. "Who YoonGi? Because I'm so ready to just give up." He didn't answer, leaning forward and capturing your lips. Tears made his lips taste like salt but you kissed him back. You melted into the kiss, into the tenderness of it. He pulled away all to quickly. "You mean the world to me."
Ikovox is a real café located only a few blocks (probably a little more) from the BigHit building. The picture used for the café is what I believe to be the actual place, but I could be wrong. It's a nice place to get coffee or a beer. In the second block, I believe I used a photo of a Daegu market. Can't remember but I liked the photo best for this chapter. In the last block, the second photo was actual taken by our Minty man, Suga, himself. He has quite a few good photos and I wish he'd do more photography (makes the own photographer in me wanna work more)

Tell me how you like it!

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