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Conceal. Don't feel. Gohan needs to take some advice from Elsa.
Song: Let it Go- Frozen (Disney)
Vidder: Knight of Heart
Spoilers: Mild spoilers
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Cell Jrs never bothered him anyway
2 years ago·Reply
very memorable moment when Gohan finally unleashes his full potential but I could have done without the frozen song kinda killed the mood.. overall still love that moment and I guess the song wasn't bad it kind of grows on you I'm just going to let it go lol..
2 years ago·Reply
@kingnfr XD that's why it's a parody haha I'm sure you can always watch the episode again
2 years ago·Reply
I think they killed a good dbz part with some thing not as good as it don't get me wrong frozen was ok but dbz is 300 times better
2 years ago·Reply