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As a member of Big Bang you gotta talk to people like of have VIPs around the world the people are listening in!! DAESUNG BAE ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!♡♡♡
.....give him a second he just kidding
Um....yeah he says "I love all my VIPs very much and I can wait to see you all very soon. VIP, BIG BANG FIGHTING♡♡"
Its okay should see me trying to speak Korean lol Besides Daesung is cute AF take a lesson from Jimin language barriers are not a problem when you are cute♡♡
Actually YG...please hire me I can speak French and in almost fluent. I'LL DO IT FOR FREE!!
What languages do you guys speak? (Are you trying to learn any?)
I am trying to learn Korean so i can talk to my SOON TO BE boyfriend 😂 or husband.....-coughs- T.O.P or Bobby -coughs-
I'm currently learning Korean. For now I'm teaching myself with the help of books and apps and Kshows. I'll find a teacher at some point when I have the money. I'm planning to look into an exchange to help too. I've studied both French and German in the past. I can understand a lot of German when I hear it but I can't read or write it to save my life and my pronunciation is pretty terrible. As for French I learned it when I was young and have had no use for it EVER, so it's mostly gone. My childhood best friend was from Russia so I learned some Russian growing up and I've retained some of it. I'm by no means conversational though.
I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I've been dying to learn Korean but just looking at the alphabet killed me lol. I thought about starting from ofcourse a kid's level but I had no idea there were apps!!!! You just made this journey a lot easier @KwonOfAKind
So far I'm not fluent but I'm learning French, Mandarin, Korean & Japanese. I plan on taking up Russian and German in the next few months. My dad actually had been trying to get me to learn German and French since I was 12 lol He and my mom both know Spanish but gave up on trying to make me learn it. XDD 😅😅😅 It just doesn't click well with me. But I try every now and then 😆
I know Chinese, Spanish, and English ^^ I'm leaning Korean recently it's going fantastic :D also Japanese but mostly Korean cx
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