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Anime Powers You Want: Cyborg 009

There's this anime that I think about from time to time when I'm by myself.

I always struggle to pin down what it was until I do a bit of googling. So I figured while I'm in one of those rare moments where I remember it, I should write about it!
The anime is called Cyborg 009, and it is an anime I remember from my childhood, when it had a limited run on Toonami. Cyborg 009 (at least the one that aired on Toonami) was an anime from 1979 about young humans who were cybernetically engineered by an evil organization to be soldiers.
Like many people my age (I reckon) Toonami was a big part of my introduction to anime. IT's where I watched things like DBZ, Inuyasha, Tenshi Muyo, Zatch Bell, Big O, and Yu Yu Hakusho. There are others, of course, but these are the most prominent.
One of the animes I really liked was Cyborg 009. Probably for the similarity to James Bond 007, but also because of the coolest power that Cyborg 009 himself had. That power was the power of the accelerator.
The accelerator was a power that Cyborg 009 himself used, where he was able to accelerate his movement speed to the speeds of Mach 5, and make himself almost impossible to track by other cyborgs, let alone humans.
By clicking a button implanted into one of his rear molars, 009 could engage his accelerator. While the accelerator was active, the rest of the world appeared to be at a standstill as 009 moved.
This ability allowed for 009 to save his team of more than one occasion, and the easy on/off switching for the mode meant he could use it with ease. Only Cyborg 002 could match 009's speed, with his rocket-propelled legs.
This is a power I've wanted since that time. Because of how fast 009 goes in acceleration mode, he is virtually undetectable. I think I want this power so badly because of how naturally slow I am. I would rather be able to move lightning-fast at the click of a button.
I could get so much done so quickly, leaving more time to watch anime!

Are there any old-school anime powers you would want?

Write a card about em!

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this is a well written card, I'm glad to see it. I completely forgot about this anime
2 years ago·Reply
@MikeCopersito thank you!
2 years ago·Reply
wow that show sure brings back memories, I use to watch it as a little kid
2 years ago·Reply
if you want more old school, I loved Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors). I would go with the Wild Fire Armor ^.^
2 years ago·Reply
I remember watching a little of this anime, but I got into it when reading the manga
2 years ago·Reply