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Fur is taking over.

You've seen the puff ball key chains and you've seen the fluffy heels all over social media. When you think of trendy, you think of Rihanna rockin' her fluffy slides [see here] that probably cost more than all of our paychecks combined. Well, today's your lucky day because you can get those exact same fluffy slides for less by doing it yourself. Everyone loves a great DIY project, right? Whether you're wearing them as slippers around the house or saving them for the summertime, these adorable fluffy slides are amazing and what's a pair of fluffy slides without a puff ball ring? If you're going to do it, you might as well do it big -- or in other words go hard or go home. Keep scrolling to see how you can easily recreate these super trendy accessories that will bring your wardrobe to life.

Ladies, are you madly in love with these amazing DIY projects?

I am.