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Oops! Did you forget to ask for REAL MAKEUP BRUSHES this holiday season?!
Start the new year RIGHT! Get a set of real brushes so you can apply your makeup like a pro. How long are you going to fake it with either cheap knock-offs or continue to do all your makeup with ONE BRUSH?!?! Yes, I'm talking to YOU! You know who you are.
When I say REAL BRUSHES, I don't mean, real animal hairs. I mean brushes that each have a unique function to getting your makeup done right.
My good girl @Stephosorio created this card about makeup brushes SO YOU CAN APPLY YOUR MAKEUP CORRECTLY. She says, "At the end of the day you work with what you have but if it ain't working out then perhaps its the brush not doing its job."
Limited Edition Special FX Brush Set
• Star-quality. Each Sigma FX brush offers the same quality, control and precision as brushes used in Hollywood TV and movie make-up.
• Precise. Each brush is specially designed for detailed artistry and special effects.
• Suitable for everyday—as well as special FX—makeup application.
• Made from super-soft, high quality synthetic fibers.
Learn all about makeup for your wedding, special event or for every day use by clicking here.
If you're truly into makeup, I feel like this in an investment!! Definitely need in my life. Thanks for the tag.
😉 @stephosorio my pleasure! it was a great card, so I was glad to include it. I think @jordanhamilton has a couple cards on cleaning brushes. I need to check
@marshalledgar & thank you for the creds, feeling special lol 🙈
@marshalledgar these are gorgeous and so useful . I think I'm set on brushes rn . The hard part is maintaining them once you have them . Cleaning and caring for them to make sure they last you as long as possible
OMG these are beautiful. I love the chrome on the outside of the brushes. And that chart is so useful as well. I Need NEW BRUSHES too. So this is pretty amazing!
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