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Both of these amazing humans are on the 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015 list!! Along with a few others you might know:) Taeyang was number 24 and T.O.P was number 8! (my mom got a little excited about that)
Here are some others that I knew of, of course there were American actors and singers who I love but I was excited about these ones:)
You're welcome :) @catchyacrayon
Thank you!! ^^^
@VeronicaArtino I was upset about that too, but I was still pretty happy that at least T.O.P and Taeyang were on it
of course I love this I was also excited because #10 was Choi Siwon because he is my bias from super Junior. I was upset GD wasn't on the list though
I have been really busy at work today I finally got time to look at my notifications. @ladydragon thank you for this post Taeyang and TOP are my 2 favorites 😆😆😆
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