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I have learned that coconut oil has so many benefits. Some that I have tried that are not listed above are: applying some to your hair over night & once washing your hair in the morning it makes your hair super soft . The second benefit would be applying it to stretch marks to reduce their appearence and inprove skin elacity . The third benefit would be to use it at night to remove makeup. Youd apply a small amount to a cotton ball and use it to remove all makeup . Try it out & get back to me with feedback
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yeah im from Honduras so we use coconut oil as well. but it makes me happy to know other countries w still manage to use fruits and natural sources as remedies
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Applying it on hair ive had that alot when i was young back home in the was good n for skin as well...there is this religion that uses only coconut oil when someone is sick applying on d body with a prayer.
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@LisaMarissa its crazy how many benefits it can have
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I love coconut oil! I use coconut oil to do my oil pulling, hair care, skin care, health and cooking 😁 This is like magic in a bottle. Mother Nature's gift to us.
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