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Its been a good year for kpop, once you look passed all the rumors, and members or groups leaving. On the bright side of it all we've gotten some new groups, like Seventeen, who we're a blessing and a curse at the same time because so many bias lists were wrecked.
So here's my 2015 picks. (I was too lazy to rewrite the challenge rules so I just screenshot them then cropped it)

#5 f(x) - 4 Walls

#4 BTS - Dope

#3 4Minute - Crazy

#2 EXO - Love Me Right

#1 Seventeen - Mansae

I admit it was hard to choose, but for my favorite songs of 2015 these would have to be it. They all worked so hard, and I love them for that. Now moving on to Favorite Choreographies of 2015.

#5 BTS - Dope

#4 EXO - Call Me Baby

#3 SHINee - View

#2 Amber - Shake That Brass

and again... #1 Seventeen - Mansae

Out of all the choreographies, Seventeen's choreography for Mansae is my all time favorite. TIME FOR MY TOP 5 ALBUMS.

#5 Amber - Beautiful

#4 BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 2

#3 BigBang - Made


#1 Ailee - Vivid

And when it comes to this type of stuff I'm usually not good with words, reason why I waited til the end of each section to say anything. But, I honestly don't know what I'd do if I never found out about kpop, these artists were there for me when others weren't I thank them for that. Now that time has come. It's time for tagging you innocent people. @SugaOnTop @KatMejia @KennedyMoser @KarenGuerra93 @nekochanjessica @GeetanjaliRao @Mercii Hope I got all the tags right. Enjoy.
I need help getting this on here Dx I don't know how to put videos in just yet still ne .... help. ; ^ ;
@KatMejia You need go copy n paste the URL off of youtube then you click on the plus arrow like you normally do when you add photos then click the video option then the URL should already show up since you've copied it then you just press add then done. Hope this helps.
of it was possible to hit that heart more then once... I would.. thank you soooo much!!! @DestineeLiu
@KatMejia You're Welcome~